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What is the South Huntsville Business Association?

The South Huntsville Main Business Association supports, promotes, and advocates for businesses in South Huntsville. We are dedicated to developing and maintaining a healthy, thriving business climate in South Huntsville by supporting existing businesses and attracting new businesses.

We work hand-in-hand with South Huntsville businesses, the City of Huntsville, and community stakeholders to enhance the quality of life for South Huntsville residents. In 2018, we became a Main Street Alabama designated community. The Main Street Alabama designation will give South Huntsville the tools it needs to revitalize and thrive.

The South Huntsville Main Business Association gives members the opportunity to connect, network, grow, and share ideas to make South Huntsville a great place to do business. We serve as a central point of connection between the City of Huntsville and South Huntsville businesses.

We’re funded through a public-private partnership and generous business owners who love South Huntsville, believe in the work we are doing to create a vibrant community, and want to give back. Contact us if you or your business would like to sponsor the South Huntsville Main program.

Our History

In 2015, before a three year construction project begin in the heart of the South Huntsville district, business owners came together said, “We need a Business Association for South Huntsville so the businesses can communicate with one voice to the City of Huntsville, and come together through the construction.”

Through monthly meetings and direct communication with the City of Huntsville, the Business Association members were able to not just “survive” the construction, but they thrived thanks to the new coalition.

In the spring of 2018 as the construction was nearing completion, SHBA applied to be a Main Street Designated City with Main Street Alabama and received the South Huntsville UrbanMain Designation. The Main Street Program and SHBA will be focusing on revitalizing the South Parkway district and creating a thriving and vibrant economic climate for businesses in South Huntsville.

Main Street

The South Huntsville Business Association was designated a Main Street Alabama Urban Main Community in June of 2018. Our mission is to support, promote and advocate for South Huntsville businesses and create a vibrant South Huntsville. We are South Huntsville Main, our direction points forward.

The Main Street Approach is a community – driven, comprehensive program that is used to revitalize older, traditional business districts throughout the United States. It is a common – sense way to address the variety of issues and problems that face traditional business districts. The underlying premise of the Main Street approach is to encourage economic development within the context of historic preservation in ways appropriate to today’s marketplace. The Main Street Approach advocates a return to community self – reliance, local empowerment, and the rebuilding of traditional commercial districts based on their unique assets: distinctive architecture, a pedestrian – friendly environment, personal service, local ownership, and a sense of community.

The Main Street approach is incremental; it is not designed to produce immediate change. Because they often fail to address the underlying causes of commercial district decline, expensive improvements, such as pedestrian malls, do not always generate the desired economic results. In order to succeed, a long – term revitalization effort requires careful attention to every aspect of downtown — a process that takes time and requires leadership and local capacity building. Through the Main Street 4Point Approach to revitalization of organization, promotion, economic vitality and design, South Huntsville’s direction points forward!

Meet the Board


Brooke Bell, Redstone Federal Credit Union

Vice President

Olly Orton, Enfinger Development


Brittany Toth, First Vice President, Tailored Wealth, Trustmark Bank


Melissa Butler, North Alabama Mortgage

Immediate Past President

Brenda Conville, Freedom Real Estate & Capital, LLC

Past President

Brandi Quick, Ditto Landing

Past President

Jerry Cargile, Schoel Engineering

Director at Large

Kellie Andrews, The Huntsville Hub

Director at Large

Joe Gehrdes, Huntsville Utilities

Board Member at Large

David Martin, Rosies Cantina

Board Member at Large

Nate Adams, Mix 96.9

Meet our Team

Executive Director

Madison Roberts

Program Coordinator

Lisa Jackman Shiver

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