An ENTREPRENUR MEMBER is an independent business that is located within the SHMBA geographic boundaries, with less than 5 full-time employees (or equivalent) OR that has been open for business for less than three (3) years. An ENTREPRENEUR MEMBER must have applied for membership and for the current calendar year have paid dues to SHMBA. An ENTREPRENUR MEMBER has voting rights. Dues are $150 per calendar year.

Member benefits include:
Twelve FREE Monthly Membership Meetings
Window Sticker, SHBA Name Tag & Membership Certificate
Backlink to Business Website listed on SHMBA Website
Opportunity to Participate in Small Business Saturday
Eligible to Serve on Board of Directors, as a Committee Chair, or as a Volunteer*
Eligible to Receive Support or Assistance with Business Events and Promotions
One Copy of the SHMBA Membership List
Voting Rights*
* at the Entrepreneur and Business Member Level