A BUSINESS MEMBER is an independent business, located within the SHMBA geographic boundaries, with more than 5 full-time employees (or equivalent). A BUSINESS MEMBER must have applied for membership and for the current calendar year have paid dues to SHMBA. A BUSINESS MEMBER has SHMBA voting rights. Dues are $250 per calendar year.

Member benefits include:
Twelve FREE Monthly Membership Meetings
Window Sticker, SHMBA Name Tag & Membership Certificate
Backlink to Business Website listed on SHMBA Website
Opportunity to Participate in Small Business Saturday
Eligible to Serve on Board of Directors, as a Committee Chair, or as a Volunteer*
Eligible to Receive Support or Assistance with Business Events and Promotions
One Copy of the SHMBA Membership List
Voting Rights*
* at the Entrepreneur and Business Member levels