The South Huntsville Main Business Association (SHMBA) is a nonprofit membership organization that exists to support, promote, and advocate for South Huntsville businesses. We represent businesses from Martin Road to Ditto Landing and along Bailey Cove Road. As a designated Main Street Community, we are working with the City of Huntsville, local businesses, and our partners to revitalize the South Parkway using the Main Street Four-Point Approach. Membership in the SHMBA comes with a multitude of membership benefits and gives members the opportunity to network and collaborate with other business owners to better our beloved South Huntsville community. Together, we are creating a vibrant South Huntsville.

We are South Huntsville Main: our direction points forward.

SHMBA offers three membership levels:

Business Member ($250) - an independent business, located within the SHMBA geographic boundaries, with more than five (5) full-time employees (or equivalent).

Entrepreneur Member ($150) - an independent business, located within the SHMBA geographic boundaries, with less than five (5) FTE employees (or equivalent) OR has been open for business for less than three (3) years.

Affiliate Member ($250) - an individual, business or other organization that is not located within the SHMBA geographic boundaries but has business interests within the SHMBA boundaries.

Membership Benefits include:
• Twelve FREE Monthly Membership Meetings
• Window Sticker and Membership Certificate
• Expanded Business Listing on SHMBA Website
• Business on SHMBA Promotional Material
• Opportunity to Participate in Small Business Saturday
• Eligible to Receive Support or Assistance with Business Events and Promotions
• Social Media Recognition
• Eligible to Serve on Board of Directors*, as a Committee Chair*, or as a Volunteer
• Voting Rights*
* at Entrepreneur and Business Level Only
Please click the links below for a more detailed listing of membership benefits at each membership level.

Membership Meeting Dates for 2023

January 17
February 21
March 21
April 18
May 16
June 20
July 18
August 15
September 19
October 17
November 14
December 5