How to Shop Local During Coronavirus Preparations

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How to Shop Local During Coronavirus Preparations

March 17 UPDATE: Green Mountain Nature Preserve has temporarily closed. Mint Julep Market has closed the storefront and is taking online orders only.

We’ve received a lot of requests from businesses and community members to share some tips on how to handle the Coronavirus. I am not a medical expert or trained in emergency management, so I will admit, I am uncomfortable speaking on the topic. South Huntsville Main will share information to the community and business owners from local officials on how to prepare and precautions to take in real-time. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social for updates!

With that said, I did want to share some tips on how to support local businesses through this crisis and how my family is shopping local.

It has never been more important to shop locally.

The economic impact of the Coronavirus is going to hit every local economy across the globe, INCLUDING SOUTH HUNTSVILLE. As you are making your prep list – SHOP LOCAL. While we don’t have a local toilet paper store (is there an idea there??) plenty of things on your list can be shopped locally. Do you know the first thing on my coronavirus prep list? Coffee from Roosters. Second thing – vitamins and medicine from Ruth’s Nutrition. Don’t forget pet food and treats for four-legged friends from Pet Depot. Please look at your list and go out of your way to shop locally during this crisis.

Don’t forget your vitamins!

Again – this is an opinion blog and not a medical recommendation. But yall – if you and every member of your family aren’t taking vitamins, run down to Ruth’s Nutrition and get the hookup. Tylenol and Motrin are great as fever reducers, but a daily dose of vitamin C is effective for PREVENTING illness. In times like this, we need every secret weapon on our side. What I love about Ruth’s Nutrition is the quality of their products and how their staff takes the time to learn your medical history and make induvial recommendations about what vitamins you need. So please – stop by and take advantage of this local health store in your backyard!

What’s your Coronavirus project going to be?

I have a three and six-year-old, and my least favorite words are, “Mom, I’m bored”. So I went over to Lucky Dice Café and stocked up Pokémon cards for my son, and I went to Learning Express grabbed puzzles for the family, and for me, I picked up a copy of Stars of Alabama from Mint Julep Market (they have a great book selection at Mint Julep Market – be sure to check it out!) The main project for my family during the pending Coronavirus quarantine is yard work! We grabbed mulch and some rose bushes from Earth Touch for our #coronavirusproject. We were planning on working in the yard this month anyway and decided we might as well take advantage of the potential extra time at home. Having the necessities is a priority, and a great way to support the local economy right now is by picking up some entertainment items for your time at home. And remember, you don’t have to drop a ton of money to support the local economy! Even $20 a family has a huge impact on local businesses.

Order favorite meals from local restaurants and freeze them or get them to go.

To quote a dear friend and fellow Main Street director, “I’m not a cooker”.

So, I ordered a bunch of taquitos from Guadalajara and froze them so we can still get our Mexican food fix. Kathleen’s Catering is whipping me up some dishes to put in the freezer, and I plan on grabbing some meat and cheese from Good Company Café to kick off the quarantine if it comes. Support your local restaurants by ordering catering and freezing it or eating it over the next few days. If you are wary about going to a restaurant, use Grub South and have things delivered or order a catered meal for pick up. Please, don’t forget to support our local restaurants, they need your support!

Skip the large crowds and hang out at the parks!

Social Distancing is defined as keeping six feet between you and others. While large events have been canceled, it is a great time to get out of the fishing pole, go on a hike or go on a greenway stroll. South Huntsville has plenty of outdoor entertainment spots from Aldridge Creek Green Way, to hiking on Green Mountain, or fishing at Ditto! Check out the full list of outdoor recreation spots in South Huntsville here.


Every ten years the constitution requires we all be counted. This count determines congressional seats, funding for health care, education, roads, and so much more for the next ten years. Your information is private. To help our community grow and thrive – you need to be counted. PLEASE use the quarantine time to take the census. Ten minutes has ten years of impact. For the first time in our history, YOU CAN TAKE THE CENSUS ONLINE HERE! All you need is your address. This is your duty as a U.S. Citizen and the mandatory time at home is the perfect time to take the census! Be counted – make sure your friends, family, coworkers are counted. Huntsville counts – help shape our future, it is your civic duty!

Final thoughts

As more information becomes available for local officials, we will be sure to share information in real-time with you. Do you have your own ideas on how to support local businesses right now? Post on social and tag us and we will share your post!

South Huntsville Main Business Association Members, do you have a quarantine necessity you would like us to share? Be sure to tag us in your posts and we will include you in the next newsletter and on social!

Keep calm and shop local!

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